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Matthew Burgess

Transitioning from iClicker Classic to iClicker Cloud

For more than a decade, iClicker remotes have been an integral part of the student experience in many courses—recording attendance, encouraging participation, conducting knowledge checks, and more. Due to recent advancements in technology and flexibility, UVA is ending support for the iClicker Classic platform and traditional iClicker remotes. Instructors who would like to continue using […]

Building effective electronic assessments

In their recent post on the CTE Blog, A&S Learning Design & Technology director Judith Giering and CTE director Michael Palmer offer a number of valuable suggestions for confronting and remediating cheating in higher education. Some might assume that technology’s potential contributions in this area are limited to specialized tools such as plagiarism detection or […]

Learning Tech 3.0: Onward and upward

This semester, April showers don’t just bring May flowers… they also bring another exciting collection of additions to Learning Tech. The latest round of features and updates include new opportunities to explore technology through featured courses, browse and search blog posts, share tool ratings and feedback, and even find and install dedicated apps. Select an […]

Learning Tech 2.0: Filters, tooltips, badges, and more

A new semester means new courses, new ideas, and new discoveries… and new features in Learning Tech that help you find the best tools for your needs. Select a feature below to learn more, or scroll through the list to explore them all: Search filters Informational tooltips Accessibility and security badges Tool requests Search filters […]

Introducing Otter Voice Notes!

With so many of our courses moving from physical classrooms to digital ones, audio and video content has become an essential part of the teaching and learning experience. A recent survey of more than 2,100 students across 15 public and private universities found that 75 percent of the respondents used captions in their courses and […]

A new integration for Gradescope and Collab

Last fall, 9,261 UVA students submitted nearly 340,000 exams, quizzes, and other assignments in Gradescope. As of today, the integration between Gradescope and Collab has been upgraded to the latest standard: LTI 1.3, also known as LTI Advantage. This upgrade offers a number of benefits, including improved performance and the ability to edit grades that […]

Happy Holidays from Learning Tech!

With the fall semester officially over, faculty and students are enjoying a well-deserved break. It’s been quite a year—a year filled with extraordinary challenges, but also innumerable inspiring examples of dedication, collaboration, and innovation in teaching and learning. Like all of you, we’re looking forward to a fresh start in 2021, and we’re already working […]

Faculty Spotlight: Jennifer Sessions on the power of Peerceptiv

The thing I really appreciate about Peerceptiv is that it doesn’t just help students improve individual papers. It helps them become more effective readers and editors. Jennifer Sessions is Associate Professor of History at UVA. She is a historian of modern France and its colonial empire, with an emphasis on French relations with North Africa, […]

Organizing course content to encourage engagement

Recent studies have suggested that students’ emotional connections to courses are key contributors to successful online learning, alongside other more traditional elements such as the effective use of technology and access to the assigned content. In their latest article in the EDUCAUSE Review, Melissa Fanshawe, Katie Burke, Eseta Tualaulelei, and Cath Cameron offer three general […]

Getting started with activities in Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a versatile option for encouraging engagement in your courses. Use it to present general polls, attendance items, review questions, quizzes, and more; students respond by following links to your activities in a web browser or app on their computers or mobile devices. Results are received and updated instantly and can be displayed […]