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A new assignments option in VoiceThread

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Kristin Sloane

VoiceThread users can expect to see a new version of the assignments option this summer. The upgrade will take effect for all UVA faculty, staff, and students on Saturday, June 19, between Summer Sessions I and II. It offers new features and improved functionality for faculty creating and managing assignments for their courses.

A few things to know:

  • The upgrade will be automatic, and users will not need to do anything to proceed. If you’d like to begin using the new version before the upgrade date, you can do so by following the steps for transitioning early.
  • None of your work will be lost, and previous assignments will retain their old features.
  • Any new assignments you create after the upgrade date will utilize the new version.

Some of the enhanced features that will be rolled out include a timed release option to set start and due dates for assignments and the ability to grade by percentage or pass/fail (point grading is coming soon!), among many others. View the full list of updates.

One feature that will no longer be supported in this new version is sharing a VoiceThread from an assignment outside of the assignment. You will have to make a copy and then share it.

Be sure to take advantage of the following resources below if you’d like to learn more about VoiceThread’s new assignments. And as always, the Learning Tech team is here to help if you need us. Send an email to


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