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Review our Tech Week 2021 workshops

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Kristin Sloane
Learning Tech | Tech Week 2021

UVA’s inaugural Tech Week included interactive virtual sessions with faculty and staff sharing how they use various learning technologies in their courses and projects. Check out the recordings below to see the tools in action and discover how they can support teaching and learning. Some presenters also provided their slides for review.

Also, tell your colleagues what you think about any tools you’ve used! You can evaluate and share your experiences with each tool in the Learning Tech catalog. Click the Submit Rating buttons below to get started.

Email with any questions or feedback.

Captioning and Accessibility Tools and Services

Presented by Sarah Humphreys, Kristin Roush, and Martina Syvantek, Student Disability Access Center 


Presented by Yitna Firdyiwek, A&S Learning Design & Technology; Tamika Carey, English


Presented by Kevin Tressler, Linda Eastham, Tracy Kelly, and Barbara Reyna, Nursing


Presented by Gail Hunger, A&S Learning Design & Technology; Gretchen Martinet, Statistics

Presented by Taylore Pence and Adam Koch, Commerce


Presented by Jill Martiniuk, Center for Teaching Excellence; Christian Steinmetz, Education

Hypothesis Presentation

iClicker Cloud

Presented by Glen Garrett, Macmillan


Presented by Courtney Beach and Marcus Goldbas, Commerce

Please note this video opens a new window.

Lessons in UVACollab

Presented by Jill Martiniuk, Center for Teaching Excellence; Marina Escámez Ballesta, Spanish

Lessons in UVACollab Presentation

Microsoft Teams

Presented by Rick Reifenstein, Information Technology Services; Rich Ross, Statistics


Presented by Megan Reiley, Peerceptiv; Jennifer Sessions, History

Poll Everywhere

Presented by Alex Greenfelder, Poll Everywhere; Filip Loncke, Dave Stoops, and Kit Tracy, Education


Presented by Sarah Schultz Robinson, Institutional Research and Analytics; Lindsay Wheeler, Center for Teaching Excellence

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